So far there has been no comprehensive overview of Open Access philosophical resources; there is also no venue for a philosophical discussion about Open Science, its history and its concepts. The portal pursues a twofold goal: to stimulate the use of Open Access philosophical literature and to intensify a critical discussion on Open Science and the impact of digitality on contemporary culture. Therefore the portal presents, on the one hand, all the available Open Access primary and secondary literature in philosophy, and on the other hand all relevant contributions to the philosophy of Open Science, the philosophy of digital culture, and research ethics.
The portal consists of four main sections + a “News” section:
1) OA Resources for Philosophy
2) Contributions to the philosophy of the Open Science and digital culture
3) Instruments from the digital humanities of particular interest to philosophers and guidelines for their use
4) Advice, guidelines, recommendations on Open Access publishing in philosophy
5) News and relevant current topics

This blog is intended as a discussion forum on the topics related to the resources collected on the portal and is likewise intended to provide food for thought on the significance of Open Access for philosophy and on the role of philosophy in the development of a critical Open Science.

Considering that the website present materials in different idioms, we do not use for the title a word from a modern language, but from ancient Greek, euporia: εὐπορία, ἡ, (εὔπορος) = 1. ease, facility, of doing a thing; 2. plenty, abundance, opp. Πενίη; 3. opp. ἀπορία, solution of doubts or difficulties. The adjective euporos,on describes a person ‘full of resources or devices, ingenious, inventive. Last, but not least, there is a random but nice assonance with the word euforia.

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